Into the Womb – The Japanese method called “Otona-Maki” VR experience warmly wrapped in cloth

  • Shoko Kimura
  • Ayaka Fujii
  • Shoichi Hasegawa
  • Kazunori Miyata


“I want to reborn” Since I strongly felt such emotions, I made this work. I encountered the greatest point in life at the time of suggesting this work. At that time, I strongly felt that “If I could redo my life” many times. I started thinking that if I could return to my mother’s womb, I might be able to lead a different life.

In this demonstration, people can watch the body of the fetus and the inside of the womb through HMD and feel like returning to the fetus. In order to get closer to the feeling of being in the mother’s womb, people are wrapped in cloth by the Japanese method called “Otona-Maki”. In this method, people take a rounded posture and bend the limbs in the sheets, and they are confined in dark and narrow space surrounded by warm and soft material like the womb.

In the future, we want to apply this work to the field of medical engineering as a device which provides relaxation for people with panic symptoms and reduces tension. I believe that this work can provide relaxation by wrapping in warmth like a mother’s affection and let the panic condition subsidence.

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