Electric World

  • Ayaka Fujii (University of Tokyo)
  • Shoko Kimura (Tokyo Institute of Techonology)
  • Rieka Satomi (University of Tokyo)
  • Rihito Tsuboi (Meiji University)
  • Hibiki Kojima (Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien- Komposition)


Robots all over the world stopped moving because of a large-scale computer virus.
In that situation, two robots which can move were left in a big bird cage.
The big bird cage is a protector that guards against computer viruses.
The “Montone chair” which is in the big bird cage is an interface that allows people to communicate with robots.

The two robots wanted to know what caused the other robots to shut down.
While pursuing their investigation, they discovered that it is due to humans who feared robot rebellion and it is necessary to collect and understand human emotional data to remove the virus.

Robots wanted to live with human beings once again, so they wanted to know the human’s feeling.

One robot went outside of the bird cage and went out to look for humans.
To make it possible for robots and humans to live together again, you touch and communicate with the robot and create a new world of science and technology.
This work is created with the tribute to the worldview of “Electric Lolita City” by JH Science.

The BGM was created remotely by connecting Tokyo and Vienna.

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