Into the Womb

  • Ayaka Fujii (University of Tokyo)
  • Shoko Kimura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Hide Akiyama (Musashino Art University)


I want to return to the womb I want to go prebirth
I want to link with Mother  I want to watch me before birth
I want to float in the waters I want to be wrapped in warmth

Coming to myself, I want to wander about the microcosm of womb
When we go through hardships, the idea of going back before birth and being born once again comes into our minds.

When we met various trials in our life, we sometimes think “If I could be born again …,” “If I could go back before I was born …”. In this work, through the VR prenatal experience of being wrapped by a big womb, you can get the feeling of before being born. It is our pleasure that this work become a trigger to regain true natural self by being wrapped in the warmth of parents through returning to the fetus and being aware of the feeling that “People are surely loved by someone.”


“I want to reborn.” “I want to look at my own origin.” Since I strongly felt such emotions, I made this work. I encountered the greatest point of life at the time of suggesting this work. At that time, I strongly felt that “If I could redo my life” many times. I cornered myself to think about accidental things. At such time, I started thinking that if I could return to my mother’s womb, I might be able to lead a different life. As a result, this work was completed.

This is an art work but we also want to apply this work to the field of medical engineering in the future as a device which provides relaxation to people with panic symptoms and reduces the tension. I believe that this work can provide relaxation by wrapping in warmth like mother’s affection and let the panic condition subsidence.

子宮VRでの胎児体験!?東大制作展(III Exibition)での「ありえない展示」のリアルに迫る (ja)

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