Inclusive Quiet Room -for building an inclusive society-

(Abstract): There are “Emotional barriers” that separate “healthy” and “disabled” people in the world. We believe that if those “Emotional barriers” were removed, the world would be filled with people who are just a little bit kinder and gentler, promoting mutual understanding among people and reducing discrimination and prejudice against others.  

 For example, some people are prone to be in a panic when they are in a place with a lot of stimuli or in a crowded place due to sensory sensitivity. Our art work team creator members of this work have such as sensory sensitivity. “Inclusive Quiet Room” is a “calm down room” that combines a space in which people can calm their minds with visual and sound expressions. These are based on the experiences of the creators. It creates the digital rehabilitation experience using an instant house which is an easy-to-create enclosed space, snoezelen using colorful lights, immersive VR videos, relaxing music, soft cushions, and heavy blankets. We hope that you can feel the process of people with sensory sensitivities regaining their composure.  This exhibit aims to promote understanding of the Room where you can calm down by displaying the Calm Down Room, which is used by people with sensory sensitivities to calm their feelings, in a form that can be easily experienced. Our team member that consists of creators of this work strongly desire to eliminate the world in which people are divided into “able-bodied” and “disabled” people.  
  In 2022, the United Nations recommended that the Japanese government revise a total of 200 items to ensure the human rights of persons with disabilities, including the revision of laws and education that separate able-bodied persons and persons with disabilities. However, the Japanese government has announced that it is hesitant to respond to that recommendation at this time.  

We want many people in Japan to understand that people with disabilities have human rights and the right to live as human beings. Even if they have a disability, they are no different as human being. We believe that the future of our world will have more possibilities if people can mix and share the joys and pleasures of life regardless of whether they are able-bodied or disabled.

Kenichi ITO
Kazuki OKAWA


– Special Thanks
Yasuhiro MINE
Lagom Japan Co., Ltd.
Philknot Co., Ltd.
Yogibo Inc.

– Credit
Teruteru Bozu by Atto_VRC
ExWire by Hirai
Real Stars Skybox Lite by Geoff Dallimore
Skybox Rotation Shader by Guilty
Star Nest Shader HLSL by Feyris77
Mandelbrot with “smart” AA by mrange (CC0)
Digital Abyss by kishimisu (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)
Trip2016 by ophilbinbriscoe (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)